Mosaics: A Collection of Independent Women Vol 1

Attie cannot remember having a flesh and blood heart.  Instead, the heart she knows is one made of glass.  It has kept her alive, when the heart she was born with would not, but also limits her life in every way.  Attie is constantly reminded by her mother and doctor to always be careful, because she forgets that her heart can’t take the strain of her trying to act like a healthy teenage girl. According to them, Attie must not run, or shout, or make new friends, or discover that there is a chance she can live the life she wants after all.

The Girl Made of Glass was a short story published in Mosaics: A Collection of Independent Women Volume 1 on International Women's Day 2016.

Mosaics Volume One featured twenty self-identified female authors writing about Intersectionality, including women of color, and members of the disability, trans, and GLB/ GSD* (Gender and Sexual Diversities) communities. This collection included Hugo Award Nominees, Tiptree Shortlists, Pushcart Prize Winners, USA Today Bestsellers, indie superstars and traditionally published talents alike. The anthology combines leading and new voices all proclaiming their identity as Women, and their ability to Roar.
Profits of the Mosaics Anthology project are donated to the Pixel Project to end Violence Against Women. You can find out more about the project at daydreams and dandelions press.

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